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Chicago Quartz Countertops at Design Granite & Marble

A quartz countertop is made by combining 93% quartz, an element in granite, with resin and pigments in a process that binds the medium permanently. A quartz countertop has similar properties to granite, such as: heat, scratch and chemical resistance.

Silestone, Cambria, Zodiac, Caesarstone and a few other manufacturers make engineered quartz countertops. No matter which one you'll use, a engineered quartz countertop can be use for a kitchen quartz countertops, kitchen quartz island, bathroom quartz vanity, wet bar.

Silestone Quartz Materials
altair black dragon cygnus doradus
Altair Black Deagon Cygnus Doradus
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Hanstone Quartz Materials
coral-mist passion rogue riverwalk serengeti
Coral Mist Passion Rogue Riverwalk Serengeti
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Difiniti Quartz Materials
difiniti colonial difiniti cottage difiniti lux difiniti palladium
Colonial Cottage Lux Palladium
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Not only this Chicago granite countertops compnay is quite affordable, but they are also extremely professional, friendly, good people who did a fantastic, timely job on our kitchen granite counters, despite the fact that we could not make up our minds and were constantly flip-flopping. Very patient, good-natured people.
Donna M.

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