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Chicago Silestone Countertops at Design Granite & Marble

Silestone is naturally beautiful, durable quartz - a superior stone for myriad interior surfacing applications because of its ideal combination of beauty and practicality.

Silestone is a dense, non-porous stone that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance - scratchresistance and stain-resistance with no sealing required in a large variety of naturally beautiful colors. That makes silestone the smartest choice for homeowners as it delivers both unique beauty and extreme durability.

Silestone's non-porous surface protects your countertops from staining and prevents liquids from penetrating the surface. Silestone countertops are the only countertop with bacteriostatic protection included in every slab. Bacteriostatic product protection is built-in during manufacturing to provide continuous bacteriostatic product protection. While bacteriostatic product protection does not protect users from food-borne illness and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices, it does result in countertops that are easier to clean and stay clean.

Silestone is ideal for use in kitchen countertops, island tops, backsplashes, and more. You may even purchase knobs, switch plates and handles made of Silestone natural quartz to match your kitchen surfaces. Add beauty and practicality to any bathroom with Silestone vanities, backsplashes, shower walls and tub surrounds.

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Not only this Chicago granite countertops compnay is quite affordable, but they are also extremely professional, friendly, good people who did a fantastic, timely job on our kitchen granite counters, despite the fact that we could not make up our minds and were constantly flip-flopping. Very patient, good-natured people.
Donna M.

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